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Volunteer Opportunities

Like to help people? Do you like technical information? Have some spare time? If so you may be the perfect SHINE volunteer.

SHINE is one of the only resources that provide free, objective, accurate information to Medicare beneficiaries. If you choose to join us we are sure that you will find SHINE a rewarding, as well as a challenging volunteer experience.

We are very grateful to our volunteers. Without volunteers SHINE would not be able to help the many Medicare beneficiaries in the 63 cities and towns in Central Massachusetts.​

​SHINE Volunteer Functions

  • Provide information, counseling and assistance in person or on the phone
  • Assist Medicare beneficiaries by completing complex state and federal forms
  • Provide public presentations
  • Distribute educational and promotional materials in your community
  • Educate the community about the program
  • Recruit additional volunteers

The Path of being a SHINE Counselor

To volunteer the interested person must participate in an 8-10 full day training. During this training you will learn the essentials of Medicare, MassHealth and other state and federal programs. In order to become a state certified SHINE counselor you will be required to successfully complete training and pass a state certification test composed of 100 questions. We will then arrange for mentoring with an experienced counselor, so you are fully trained before public counseling on Medicare benefits. Additionally, we require all new counselors be able to use email as well as to be flexible on where they serve in their assignment. To meet the needs of our communities you may be asked to serve in different outreach sites or in an area other than where you live.

Please be aware that we are required to do a state police background check (CORI) on all individuals who wish to volunteer.

If you would like more information or an application please contact the Central MA Regional ​office at 800-243-4636, option 3. You can also fill out the form below and will will contact you shortly.

Current list of towns that currently do not have a SHINE counselor:

      Ashburnham, Ashby area            
      Shirley area
      Bolton, Berlin area
      Hubbardston, Princeton area
      Barre, Oakham, Rutland area

Volunteers absolutely welcome in other areas of Central Massachusetts! 

SHINE Counseling

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Any persons who are employed by or have a financial interest in a business or organization that could financially gain from SHINE will be prohibited from being a SHINE volunteer.

The SHINE Program

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION 1-800-243-4636 (option 4)